Project: Exploreison

G.A.S. Exploreison was released from Gigerdi Prime's space dock about five years ago. Their first mission was to explore the Dominion's homeworld's remains, but the mission changed during it when they located a Gorg ship. They went to the Gorg homeworld's remains and found information about the Great Lightness. No one in the Gigerdi Alliance's Military believed in this information so the mission wasn't much of a use. In that year, captain Gigerdius also died, while he was saving the emperors, but apparently he somehow survived, reasons why this happened are still shrouded in mystery. One whole year they explored only this galaxy and finding only more clues about the Lightness War and also about the Emissaries.

In the second year of the G.A.S. Exploreison, the Lightness War begun. G.A.S. Exploreison then got new orders, to find the source of the Lightness. With the help of four other ships, the Exploreison started its difficult mission. It didn't took long until the first protector ship had been destroyed. During this whole year they found out more about the Lightness and the Emissaries. When the T-Race entered the war with the Lightness, Gigerdi Alliance Military ordered that Min'da should be placed under arrest, but the crew insisted that she would remain as the ship's advisor and the Gigerdi Alliance Military agreed to that eventually. Little after this the Exploreison had only two of its protector ships left when they found the "source" of the Lightness, which was their control world in this galaxy apparently and contained a "gate" presumably to another galaxy or to another dimension. After they had found it, their long way to home begun. All of the ships had been badly damaged so they weren't able to go full speed. When the last battle against Lightness was going, the Exploreison had been trapped by the Lightness and was almost destroyed, but because of the peace came the fight ended and Exploreison and the last of the protector ships survived safely to home, even that their mission wasn't much of a use in the end. After the Lightness War Exploreison got new ship with it; the I.P.A.S. Exploration. Then they both continued their exploration, this time in the Andromeda galaxy.

In the Exploreison's third year, they encountered new species and new worlds in the Andromeda. In the third year they discovered things about the Emissaries and about the other first one races.

In the fourth year, the Exploreison was called to space dock, but I.P.A.S. Exploration continued its journey. The Exploreison's crew was placed to other ships and also Gigerdius was ordered to command the ship G.A.S. Ferklar. Mora became the commander of G.A.S. Biise. Exploreison was in the space dock for months, but the crew continued their exploration mission. Finally after six months the Exploreison was released from the space dock. The crew then returned to there and continued their original job. In that year they find out even more about the Emissaries and their upcoming attack.

In the fifth year of the G.A.S. Exploreison, they were first asked, to come and see the new prototype vessels Interplanetary Alliance had built, by Mad Gigerdi 2. Then the Emissary attack finally came, as the crew had already known that it may come even that no one once again didn't believe that. The Emissaries failed in their attempt to destroy Aldaain and/or Gigerdi Prime, but they were able to lay a virus that infected the whole galaxy. Then the Exploreison got a new mission, this time not only to explore, but to find the cure to the Emissaries' plague. G.A.S. Exploreison will be accompanied by the I.P.A.S. Exploration and the new prototype ship I.P.A.S. Valiant. They've been searching the cure for about few months now, but haven't found anything really special except a new race called the Healers. They've also encountered several Emissary ships and have also been able to found the Emissary control world, but still no cure. The search still continues, and it may continue a long time.
G.A.S. Exploreison Front
Visual sensor scan of G.A.S. Exploreison in Space.

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