Exploreison's Decks

Here is the G.A.S. Exploreison.
Saucer section

Decks 1-2: There is nothing just the armor.
Decks 3-20: Short range sensor and there are emergency quarters on decks 10-20.
Decks 21-31: Weapon controls are in these decks.
Decks: 32-39: Officers quarters.
Deck 40: Bridge.
Decks 41-49: Holodecks.
Deck 50: Mess hall.
Deck 52: Infirmary
Decks 51-100: Officers quarters.
Decks 101-350: Officers quarters and passengers quarters.
Decks 351-400: Cargo space.
Decks 401-450: Weapon controls and auxiliary control.

Stardrive section

Decks 451-460: Shuttle bays.
Decks 461-500: Main sensors.
Decks 501-630: Quarters.
Decks 631-700: Main cargo bays.
Decks 711-710: Weapon controls.
Decks 701-710: Transporter rooms.
Deck 711: Battle bridge (used only if bridge is destroyed).
Deck 712: Emergency transporter (used to evacuate decks closest of hull.
Decks 713-780: Science decks.
Decks 781-800: Engineerings.
Deck 801: Emergency engineering.
Decks 802-810: Cargo bays.
Decks 811-812: Armor
Jump drives: Jump drives are located there, there is nothing else.