Great Lightness

Government: Great Lightness have a Federation. Which is controlled by president and General council.

Homeworld(s): Their current homeworld is Graan. Their former homeworld was Light, no known as Gigerdi Prime. Check the firs one map for details.

History: We've now got their true history, hopefully it's right: Thousands of years ago the Lightness started expand from Light to the moon of Gigerdii (It was called Gigerdii then as well) and to the other planets located in the Light system (Gigerdi System). The first race they got connection was the La'Fin. The Lightness and La'Fin lived in peace for quite a long time, then later the Lightness got connection to one of the Unknown first one races. And again years later they got first contact with the T-Race. Great Lightness and T-Race then little later made an alliance between their races and that way the Lightness got connection to a species called Gorgs. Not long after that the La'Fin and the Gorgs allied and attacked the forces of Great Lightness, but the T-Race came to assist the Lightness immediately. But after two weeks the war ended, because of the first of the firsts. Then Lightness got connection to two unknown first one race. Then the first of the firsts left, leaving only a part of the Orlians here. After a couple of years the Great Lightness got connection to the Healers and made an alliance with them. The T-Race, Great Lightness and the Healers formed a secret alliance between them. Two of the unknown first one races joined to this alliance too. Only, Gorgs, La'Fin and one the unknown first one races were left "outside". After 46 years then came the second La'Fin war. Then even Gorgs joined to this first one race alliance, except that then it was called as the Andromeda Alliance. The La'Fin and one of the unknown first one race started to attack the Great Lightness. Fortunately for the Lightness the allied forces were quite prepared for this kind of attacks and were able to launch counter-strikes almost immediately. After this the one unknown first one race withdrew itself from the war against the Andromeda Alliance and declared war against the La'Fin, but stayed out of the war. The Andromeda Alliance was stronger than the La'Fin, even that the La'Fin did have stronger military than the Lightness. Not long after the start of the war all the La'Fin colonies, bases, and ships had been destroyed, had surrendered or had fled. According to the reports we got from the Great Lightness, it seems that some La'Fin colonies were able to escape from the war to some unknown place, which means that the La'Fin might still lurk somewhere, even after the La'Fin conflict. After the second war with the La'Fin Lightness was forced to abandon the Light and the Gigerdii. Again after many years the first ones finally left from this galaxy and went to the Andromeda galaxy. Lightness did leave some rim colonies to observe the races in the milky way galaxy. Then the first action the first ones did was the preparations for the Gorg War and the Lightness War. When the Gorg War begun Lightness started expanding a little to the milky way galaxy. After the Gorg War, Lightness started their operations for the upcoming Lightness War. Still it took about two years 'till the Lightness War begun. When the Lightness War begun the T-Race and the Lightness started their plans. Lightness and the T-Race sent only quite light- and old ships to the battles. Lightness War lasted quite long and during it Gorgs, Great Lightness and T-Race expanded to this galaxy more. Lightness didn't make any kind of weaknesses to their ships, but this time T-Race gave some new technology to the "younger" races. And with this technology the Lightness attacks were able to be repelled quite well. Then the peace came and the so called "rebellion" ended, which truly never existed. Then the Lightness and the other first one races started to build the Intergalactic Alliance with the Interplanetary Alliance. Then later they also helped IPA in the GA-IPA conflict. That conflict lasted only a while. Great Lightness also sent even heavy ships to Gigerdi Prime and medium ships to Aldaain, when the Emissary attack was. Now the Great Lightness is living peacefully in this galaxy.

Military: It's strong, rumored to be stronger than the Gorg or T-Race military.

Research and Exploration: Unknown.

People: Unknown.

Intelligence: Lightness intelligence is controlled by Great Intelligence, however this hasn't been fully confirmed.

Power: Their control in this galaxy is not good, but they control bigger space in other galaxies.

Info: Members of the Lightness are energy, but as the T-Race they can chance themselves to look like gigerdian, hemmoian or to any species. GL is considered to be 1st class first one. Lightness' members have always been energy, even from the time they came to existence. Great Lightness has some sort of commonality as the Gorgs and T-Race, it also works in the same way. They can easily talk with each other through it, but know only that what the other one wants them to know. Lightness' old homeworld was Light, which is now the homeworld of the Gigerdians (Gigerdi Prime). Lightness members are really hard to kill, since their energy form seems to be so strong.

Lightness Lightness language Great Lightness
Great Lightness's members look like this. Here is an example of the language of Lightness. Here is insignia of the Lightness.