Gigerdi Prime

Population: 11 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 1.04%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 115 earth years.

Birth Rate: 28 200/1 000 000 population.

Death Rate: 17 300/1 000 000 population.

Races: 83.32% Gigerdians, 7.1% Humans, 0.2% Folans, 0.01% T-Race, 0.002% Vemrers, 0.001% Lihters, 9.3% Others

Languages: 93% Human standard language, 4% Old Gigerdian language and 3% others.

Labor Force: 9.4 Billion

Labor Force, By Occupation: 30% Military, 27% Section 18, 23% Services, 15% Industry, 5% other.

Industries: Gigerdi Prime is one of the major ship production planets in the GA. It also constructs parts to ships.

Agricultural Products: Space Bananas, Garls, Vaarloipsars, Vesis, Lances, Katklasses and fish.

Exports Commodities: Space Bananas, Xentronium, Strallium, Uranium, Cesium, Germanium, Gallium, Copper, Cerium, Neutronium, replicators and holowindows.

Exports Partners: Mostly they're traded to the other GA colonies, but before GA-IPA conflict GA traded these goods with UFP, Folans and Vemrers.

Imports Commodities: Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Boron, Quicksilver, Erbium, Silicon, Terbium, Strontium, Yttrium, Marrium, Fentz, Iridium, Glass, Computer consoles, padds and isolinear rods.

Imports Partners: Mostly other GA colonies, but before GA-IPA conflict UFP, Folans and Vemrers traded these goods with GA.

Location: Gigerdi System, first planet. Alpha Quadrant.

Capital: Gigord (Gigerdi Dome).

Natural Resources: Zinc, Copper, Lead, Iron, Nickel, Tritanium, Carbon, Strallium, Xentronium, Silver, Gold, Timber, Platinum, Titanium, Neutronium, Zantr, Uranium, Chromium, Cesium, Germanium, Gallium and Cerium (There are other resources too, but these are the main ones).

Land Use: Cities 60%, Forest 10% Water 30%

Biggest Cities: Gergi, Oike, Honsu, Pors, Guoril, Gigord (Gigerdi Dome), Netlan, Zenklar, Helse and Espak.

Spaceports: 1 500, major spaceports 10, which are located in the Gergi, Oike, Gigord, Honsu, Pors, Netlan, Zenklar, Forlot, Bellie and Espak.

Fighter Garrisons: 600

Climate: Has weather controller system. Usually quite sunny or rainy days. Has winter times too. Hasn't been any storms since 110 years ago (which was the biggest storm in the Gigerdian history).

Terrain: Mostly land, but does have few seas, lakes and rivers. Has lot's of low hills, but does have some higher hills too.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Valley of the H'nska -960 m

Lowest Point (underwater): 26 312 m

Highest Point: Grod Thor 23 580 m (Mount Thor)

Natural Hazards: Unusual seismic activity in the valley of the H'nska.

Info: Gigerdi Prime is really beautiful place. Gigord is the largest city in GP, but the others listed are one of the largest in GP. There hasn't been any crime in GP (except the resistance). GP is much like Earth, that's perhaps the reason why there's so many humans living there, there also of course live Gigerdians, Folan, Lihters and members from other races like the GA's member races. GP is also called as "paradise". The GN's HQ is in Gigerdi Prime. Gigerdii is the moon which orbits GP. GP is quite big planet, it's bigger than Earth, but not as big as Gigerdi 2. Day length in GP is 27 hours in day. And the standard time is taken from Gigord's time. Several main factories are located in GP and in the orbit there's five space docks and three starbases. Almost all GP's power stations are located in Oike city, it's the main GP's manufactory city. It has the GA's biggest replicator factories and weapon factories. Gigord isn't so important, except that it has GA Military's HQ and R&D's HQ. The president and senate is also located in the Gigord, but they're in the place called Gigerdi Dome. It's a dome of some sort, there's the senate and the president's office. But there's not much population in Gigord compared to Gergi, Oike or Pors. Gigord is the oldest Gigerdian City, it has lot of historical places and that makes it popular for tourists from even different races, the Valley of the H'nska is really close to the Gigord. Oike is the newest city in GP. GN has it HQ in Honsu and GANN is mostly controlled in Pors. The capital has much hotels and restaurants for tourists, but the other cities aren't so well "equipped" with those. Senate and the president office is located in the same building. The Space Bananas are mostly grown in GP. 30% of GP is water so unlike Earth, GP doesn't have much water, but there's few oceans and lakes and rivers. The major Ocean is Otger and the biggest lake is KGMG, the name for the lake is new and it was given to it because it's for the memory of Kyle Gigerdi and Mad Gigerdi. The longest and biggest river is Rons. The biggest mountain is 23 km and it's called Grod Thor. The word grod means mountain and Thor is the name of the mountain. GA Intelligence is located in the Honsu. Gigerdian Academy is in the capital and the GA Military's HQ is quite close to it, on an island. The coldest place in GP is the north section of GP the C° has sometimes been -90C°. Some people do live there, even when there's so cold, it's the only place in GP where isn't weather control systems, people wanted it to remain untouched.