The Dominion

Government: Founders were the rulers of the Dominion, they ordered Mentrars and they had other species in the Dominion.

Homeworld(s): Name of their homeworld is unknown.

History: Unknown.

Military: It was quite good, but vulnerable. We don't know how many ships they had.

Research and Exploration: Unknown.

People: They had many races in the Dominion, but we don't know how many systems or planets, or how many citizens.

Intelligence: Founders usually spied, because they were changelings. One of them replaced the ambassador Gigerdius.

Power: Unknown, they were based in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Info: Ber'Hars were their soldiers, they were only soldiers they didn't live long. They were commanded by the Mentrars and by founders the leaders of the Dominion. Ber'Hars won't eat or sleep and they were controlled by drug called black. Parliens were allied with the Dominion and that's why both were destroyed.