Government: Gorgs have some kind of collective still, but apparently it's more like the T-Race's or Lightness' commonality. Which means that they can talk with each other through it, but don't know everything that others know.

Homeworld(s): Their homeworld is Jenla. Its location is unknown. Their former homeworld was Brase, which was located in the Gamma Quadrant. Check the firs one map for details.

History: We've got their "true" history now, at least hopefully it's true: Thousands of years ago, the Gorg race started to expand from their homeworld Brace. That time they were still in their humanoid form, and didn't have any kind of cybernetic enhancements. Later they first got connection to unknown first one race and little later to T-Race. Then about after 80 years the first of the firsts came to the galaxy and the Gorgs got connection to them. These races who the Gorgs call as the first ones then started to teach the younger races. Gorgs, T-Race and this unknown first one race didn't have any kind of wars. It took quite long time for the Gorgs to establish connection to the Great Lightness and to The La'Fin. Then came war between the Great Lightness, Gorgs and the La'Fin. It seems that the Gorgs and La'Fin made some kind of an alliance against the Great Lightness. Unfortunately to the Gorgs and La'Fin, the T-Race went to the side of the Great Lightness. The war lasted only two weeks. Then came peace between their races, many years later they finally got connection to two other unknown first one race, and again years later to the Healers. After they had got connection to the Healers, Gorgs started to modify themselves into a better life-forms They didn't made themselves fully as energy beings, but only a little. They added some kind of cybernetic enhancements to themselves, making them more powerful. Little after their first contact with the Healers the first of the firsts left, except a small part of Orlians remained. Then came war between the to unknown first one races, but it also lasted only about a month. Then about 50 years after that came the La'Fin war. La'Fin started attacking Great Lightness with the help from the one unknown first one race. Unfortunately for the La'Fin, T-Race, Gorgs, Healers and the two other first one races allied against the La'Fin. This one unknown first one race then broke this alliance and withdrew themselves from the war. The first La'Fin war lasted only a little while, about two months. The La'Fin were quite destroyed then, but only after three weeks they started attacking Lightness again. Then all the other first one races allied against the La'Fin and came the First one La'Fin war, also known as La'Fin war two. It didn't took long before the La'Fin had lost almost all of their ships, but the first one races continued the battle until every La'Fin colony and ship had either been destroyed, surrendered or fled. It seems that some La'Fin planets also escaped. Not long after this battle the first ones had to start preparing for their leave. After 100 of years the first ones left, leaving only some rim colonies. Years passed and the first ones expanded to Andromeda and to one unknown galaxy. Later the first ones noticed that new species had come. Then they started preparing the fist phase of the test. During the time of the Peace Station the Gorg War begun. Gorgs sent only quite light ships and old ships with shield weakness to the battle. The Gorg War didn't last long and the Gorg "lost" this war. Then the Gorgs just started expanding into this galaxy, they were able to do this during the Lightness War. Then later they got connection to the races living here, and they called themselves as the remains of the Gorg, which wasn't true of course. Gorgs and the other first ones started support the Interplanetary Alliance. And also made Intergalactic Alliance with the IPA. During the GA-IPA conflict the first ones protected the IPA. This small conflict didn't last long. Gorgs then helped also in the Emissary attack to Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain. Now the Gorgs are living peacefully, at least in this galaxy.

Military: Really strong, but it's unknown that how strong it is.

Research And Exploration: Unknown.

People: Unknown.

Intelligence: Unknown.

Power: Unknown, they're powerful, mostly based in the nearby galaxies.

Info: Gorgs assimilate people, they did this during the Gorg War. Gorgs are part organic, part machine and part energy. They have red skin, and they have had this skin thousands of years. They do look quite much like humans, but Gorgs have red skin and of course those cybernetic enhancements. Gorg's old homeworld is located in the Hemmoian territory. Gorgs have really well developed adapting system, which adepts really easily to any kind of weapon, which means that when the Gorg has adapted to this weapon, you can't do any damage to it. Gorgs assimilated people in really strange way, apparently they transfer they're energy to the target host. This energy grows in seconds so that it's able to take control of all the key parts of the target. The energy can adapt easily to almost any species, which means that they are able to assimilate anyone. It's unknown are they capable of assimilating first one races.
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