The Official Name: The Gigerdi Alliance Military.

Headquarters: The GA military HQ/Academy, Gigerdi Prime. Several other major bases located in Tarxis IV, Ivor prime, Meduun 7, Konor Minor, and Adlek.

Commander Of Forces: The current head of state (President Marick), second in command is Grand Admiral Erwin Lerev, several branches are commanded by the President and the Joint chiefs of staff.

Forces Size: Enlisted troops 18,9 billion, Colonial militia 3,5 billion, various other militias 1,6 billion.

Service Branches: The Gigerdi Alliance Fleet (GA-F), the Gigerdi Alliance Ground Forces (GAGF) also known as the Clone Infantry. (Clone infantry does not accept recruits), The Gigerdi Alliance Colonial Defense Forces (C-Forces).

The GA ground forces have several tasks in the GA military operational branches. Whatever their secondary tasks in operations might be, their main task is always to handle the hands-on combat of planetary and boarding operations. The Ground forces operate at conjunction with the Fleet, tasked with the defense of defending crucial planetary installations; they also have large invasion capabilities.

The Officer corps for the Ground forces is a lot more "Elitist" in nature, needing better training in tactical combat and planetary invasions. Mostly, the GF commanders run the Ground operation from the orbiting fleet, or from hover craft from the planets surface. The GF commanders run the operation trough "Neurological implants" that make the commanders able to command whole platoons trough the "Neurological Matrix".

The Ground forces troopers or Soldiers are called The Clone infantry. The Clone infantry consists of Cloned Gigerdian bodies that have been implanted with heavy weapons and armor. The Cloned bodies have been programmed to follow orders from the Neurological implants in their brains, they are fanatical to the GF generals orders. The Clone infantry has some smaller Planetary tanks and hover craft that they use in their operations to support infantry. The Command hierarchy of the GF forces is similar to the fleet.

Sometimes, the Clone infantry can be used as Law enforcement or Riot control units; they have been programmed on all areas of Crowd control and planetary operations. The Clone infantry has several "Classes" that can be used in various missions, from Light infantry to Heavy.

GA Military Ranks:

Gigerdi Alliance Military Fleet:


Second Lieutenant
Captain (Fleet)
Fleet Admiral
Grand Admiral (There's only one Grand Admiral, who is chosen by the president)

Gigerdi Alliance Military Ground Forces (The Clone Infantry):

Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
General of the GA Ground forces (There's only one General of the GA Ground forces, who is chosen by the president)