Government: Some kind of federation type government.

Homeworld(s): Medi Prime, which location is unknown. Their former homeworld was Medic. Check the first one map for details.

History: We've got their history now and hopefully it's right: Thousands of years ago the Healers started expanding from their homeworld Medic. The first race they got connection was an unknown first one race. Healers tried to live peacefully with them, but this unknown first one race attacked the Healers and they were forced into a war with them. Strangely the Healers were able to force this unknown first one race into peace with them and the war ended about three months after it had begun. Then the Healers and this unknown first one race started cooperating with each other and started exploring together as well. Then they got connection to another unknown first one race. These two unknown first one races then made an alliance between them and attacked the Healers together. The Healer's military was much weaker, but their advanced technology helped them to defend themselves and even to get the war to end, since the Healers destroyed all the attacking forces and suffered only minimal losses to their forces. Then again came to peace, which was like before, a forced peace. After the war the first of the firsts got connection to Healers and Healers also got connection to Gorgs, La'Fin and another unknown first one race. This time the Healers didn't got any wars. Then the first of the firsts left from the galaxy and Healers got connection to Great Lightness and T-Race. The Healers decided to join the alliance Great Lightness and T-Race had formed in order to be able to maintain peace with those races. Unfortunately the second La'Fin war started only little after the formation of the Andromeda Alliance. This time the Healers really attacked the La'Fin, even that the La'Fin had greater fleets, Healers had excellent tactics and technology. Many times Healers had fights where they had smaller forces than the La'Fin, but almost every time the Healers won. After a month the La'Fin had been destroyed, driven out or surrendered. The Healers were able to live peacefully for a long time after this. Then hundreds of years later they had to leave from this galaxy and go to the Andromeda, where the Healers started to expand, but Healers didn't leave any colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the Andromeda the Healers just waited and watched as the Lightness, T-Race and Gorgs started their plans. Healers only provided minimal assistance to other first one races. They did destroy some of the Dominion's rim outposts. The other first ones reported everything that happened during the Gorg War, T-Race first contact and the Lightness War. After the Lightness War, the "younger" races started to explore the Andromeda and then the Healer knew that they might be the first races that get connection to the "younger" races, in the Andromeda galaxy. It did took a while before the "younger" races got connection to the Healers, but when they did the Healers made Nonaggression Pact with them. It's unknown are the Healers supporting Interplanetary Alliance or Intergalactic Alliance.

Military: Unknown. Has been said that it would be weaker than any of the other first one race's.

Research and Exploration: They have better research than the other first one races. Exploration is unknown.

People: Unknown.

Intelligence: Again unknown.

Power: Weaker than any other first one race we've encountered, has territories in the other galaxies.

Info: Exploreison got contact to Healers few months ago. Not much known about this specie, except that they're quite old. They don't appear to be energy based life-forms. Healers are a peaceful race with quite light military, but advanced technology. Healer's homeworld was located in the Vemrer space.

Here's the insignia of the Healers.