Government: T-Race have a federation and they have a president and some kind of council.

Homeworld(s): Their current homeworld is called Hiru'i. Their former homeworld was Ter'Sha. Check the first one map for details.

History: We've now got their true history, at least hopefully it's true: Thousands of years ago the T-Race went from their homeworld Ter'Sha to colonize new planets. T-Race first got connection to Gorgs and about 20 years after that to one unknown first one race. The T-Race and all these first one races lived in peace, except that during this the the T-Race have had some huge riots and uprisings in their planets, which according to the T-Race records were all repelled, but the reason to these riots and uprisings still remains unknown. Then after years again the T-Race established connection with the Great Lightness and not long after that they had already formed an alliance between their races. Not long after the formation of that alliance, La'Fin and Gorgs attacked Great Lightness, but with the help of the T-Race the attacked were repelled. With the help of the first of the firsts the war ended two weeks after it was declared. This war caused the T-Race to get connection to a species called the La'Fin. And also to one unknown first one race. Then a few years after this the first of the firsts left from this galaxy. Then both T-Race and Great Lightness got connection to the Healers and T-Race to one another unknown first one race. T-Race, Healers and the Great Lightness then formed a secret alliance between their species. Then later two of the unknown first one races joined to this alliance, and only Gorgs, La'Fin and one of the unknown first one races were left "outside". This new alliance was called as the Andromeda Alliance. Not long after its formation the La'Fin and one of the unknown first one races started their attacks against the Great Lightness. Gorgs then joined to this alliance as well and the attackers were easily repelled. Then the unknown first one race withdrew from the alliance with the La'Fin and declared war against it, but still remained out of the war. The second La'Fin war didn't last long, after about month the whole La'Fin had been destroyed, fled or surrendered. Then it took a long time until the first ones finally left from this galaxy. T-Race left some rim colonies to here, in order to be able to observe this galaxy. In the Andromeda the T-Race expanded and grew. T-Race didn't much prepare for the Gorg War. When the Dominion War came the T-Race started expanding themselves to the milky way galaxy and prepare themselves for the first contact and the Lightness War. The T-Race established connection with the "younger" races before the end of the Dominion War, but didn't helped in it, because they wanted the "younger" races to handle it alone. After the Dominion War the T-Race lived in peace with all the races in the galaxy, observed them and also prepared themselves for the Lightness War. When the Lightness War begun, the T-Race made a fake resistance which helped the "younger" races here, in order to defeat the Lightness. They also provided some additional assistance to the "younger" races. T-Race sent only quite light ships to here, but it's rumored that the motherships are considered to be medium class ships. During the last days of the Lightness War, the Interplanetary Alliance was formed and several T-Race colonies joined to it, the reason to this appears to be that these would have been some resistance colonies, but truly they were just a normal colonies. Strangely several colonies still remain in the IPA. The T-Race was making the Intergalactic Alliance with the IPA and other first one races. T-Race also helped IPA in the GA-IPA conflict, which lasted only a short time. T-Race then started helping Gigerdi Alliance to destroy the resistance, the reason to this remains unknown, but the T-Race says that they just want to help. T-Race was also defending Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain during the Emissary attack. Now the T-Race is living peacefully in the galaxy.

Military: Their military is strong, but we don't know how strong.

Research and Exploration: Unknown.

People: Unknown.

Intelligence: Unknown.

Power: Has some power in this galaxy, mostly in the nearby galaxies.

Info: Members of the T-Race are energy, but they can change themselves to look like humans. T-Race is 1st class first one. T-Race is one of the only first one race which have had civil wars in their history. T-Race members looked much like humans when they yet hadn't been evolved to an energy based life-forms. They looked the same as they now look in their humanoid form. T-Race's former homeworld is located in the IPA territory.
T-Race Member as energy T-Race language T-Race member solid T-Race's Mark
This is the picture of member of the T-Race. He is energy now. Here is an example of the language that T-Race is using. Here is a picture of the member of T-Race. When he is in humanoid form.  Here is the insignia of the T-Race federation.