Government: They have an empire, how it works is unknown.

Homeworld(s): Unknown.

History: Unknown.

Military: Not powerful, but their advanced technology gives them an advantage.

Research and Exploration: They have the most advanced technology in the galaxy.

People: Unknown.

Intelligence: Unknown.

Power: They don't control big area, but we don't know how many systems they own.

Info: Orlians are really old race. And they try to keep themselves in secret. They have really advanced technology, but we don't know anything about how their technology works. They keep it in secret. We have sawn three class of their ships, but we have picture only for one of  the ship types. We know that they live in water because they are mussels. And when they are in some other place (Not in their planets) they have some kind of machine that has a life-support system and weapons, still they seem to be able to survive without it. They helped the Emissaries in their battle, but currently Orlians are damaged race, their military and research is almost gone. Orlians are considered as 1st class first ones, presumend to be one of the first races in the galaxy.
Orlian Orlian Empire
Here is a picture of Orlian, when he is inside of their machine shells. Here is the insignia of their empire.