Andromeda Alliance

Andromeda Alliance was formed by the first ones to protect the galaxy from hostile forces and to prevent any further wars between those races. This alliance proved useful in the second La'Fin war. This alliance first had only Great Lightness, T-Race and Healers, but later Gorgs and two unknown first one races joined to it as well. After the second La'Fin war the third unknown first one race also joined to this alliance. The alliance held and might still even exist, but here the alliance is now called as the First One Alliance. Many still theorize that this alliance very much exists even now. The insignia wasn't provided by the first ones, but rather found during the Exploreison's expeditions so there's no guarentee about its authenticity as first ones haven't said anything about it.

Here's the insignia of the Andromeda Alliance. We don't know what the text means, it's written by some language that all the first ones understand.