Intergalactic Alliance

Intergalactic Alliance was formed by Interplanetary Alliance just after the IPA-GA conflict. The first ones supported the idea and did everything in their power to ensure its formation. The alliance was formed, though only as a rather unofficial entity. There was still plans to officialize it fully after few years. Currently the alliance only keeps the races together and mostly makes decisions dealing with other races together. Other than that the alliance doesn't control anything. Although it's planned to become entity that no longer has any seperate races, but only citizens and members that are part of the alliance. It were to control military, politics, research, exploration, industry, production, education, all these and more, but that hasn't been finalized yet. In few years, when the alliance becomes official, they will slowly start controlling some areas and wider it every now and then.

The idea to make such alliance was to prevent any further conflicts, like the GA-IPA conflict. Some still believe that the first ones have some hidden agenda for this alliance. Now the alliance only has two representatives from each member race and they make these major political decisions together. The alliance has no president or anything like that, although in the future this command structure will change dramatically. The alliance hasn't yet done much anything together, except in the Emissary campaigns that have happened in the past.

The Current Members of the Intergalactic Alliance:

- Great Lightness
- Gorgs
- Healers
- T-Race
- Interplanetary Alliance
- Folan Star Empire

States that are allied with the Intergalactic Alliance, but are not considered members:

- The Interstellar Alliance
- United Federation of Planets