Government: Hemmoians have a Federation, which is lead by the Päähemmo.

Homeworld(s): Hemmoian homeworld is called Aldaain.

History: Unknown.

Military: Hemmoians military is strong, they have millions of ships at least. The HF starfleet is controlled by The Independent Hemmoian Starfleet (IHSF). The Interplanetary Security Forces (IPSF) works as a police force in the HF's planets and the Clone Army (CA) handles ground battles too rough for the IPSF.

Research and Exploration: Unknown.

People: HFed is mostly comprised of Hemmoians, but they do have people from other races in it as well. Hemmoian Federation has several member races as well.

Intelligence: Unknown.

Power: Hemmoians are strong race, one of the strongest in the galaxy. They have systems in the Alpha, Delta and Gamma quadrants. Mostly in the Delta quadrant.

Info: Hemmoians are an old race. They also have a collective of some kind. Hemmoians are both aggressive and peaceful race. They're considered to be 2nd class first ones.
This is the picture of Hemmoian's god. Here is a picture of a Hemmoian. Here's the insignia of the Hemmoian Federation.