Project: Exploration

I.A.S. Exploration was designed to help G.A.S. Exploreison in its journeys. The I.A.S. Exploration was designed by the Interplanetary Alliance and the first one races; it has more weapons, it's bigger, it has more shields, but it's little bit slower. The I.A.S. Exploration is commanded by captain William Gretz, a human. Exploration is also a science and exploration vessel. In the time of IPA-GA conflict it still remained as Exploreison's protector, but when the Exploreison was called to space dock Exploration went to maintenance to the Ipser system for a short time and then continued the exploration mission alone, until Exploreison returned back to service. It also helped in the battle of Gigerdi Prime against the Emissaries and Orlians. After that it was assigned to help I.A.S. Valiant and G.A.S. Exploreison and is still helping them in the finding of the cure to the Emissary plague.