Population: 780 000 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 0.87%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 185 Earth years.

Birth Rate: Unknown (Cannot be calculated)

Death Rate: Unknown

Labor Force: 600 000 billion

Labor Force By Occupation: 30% military, 15% industry, 15% services, 30% other.

Industries: General industry. The colonies all do pretty much the same amount of every kind of industry.

Agricultural Products: Unknown.

Export Commodities: Resources.

Exports Partners: Other IPA colonies, races that have trade treaty with the IPA.

Import Commodities: Resources.

Import Partners: Other IPA colonies, races that have trade treaty with the IPA.

Homeworld: Parlie Two.

Capital: Horppeel

Natural Resources: Unknown.

Land Use(Homeworld): 60% Cities, 15% forests, 25% water.

Land Use: 35% Cities, 25% forests, 30% water.

Planets(Home system): Hoashe, Hoohne, Kune, Parlie Two, Joohan.

Moons(Home system): Nounoe (Hoohne), Fuulo (Hoohne), Qummuu (Hoohne), 30 moons (Kune), Ilosteer (Joohan).

Spaceports(Home system): 1300 spaceports, 14 major spaceports

Spaceports: Over 20 000 spaceports, Over 2 000 major spaceports

Fighter Garrisons(Home system): 23-35

Terrain(Home system): Hoashe, Hoohne, Parlie Two are terran, Kune is a gas giant and Joohan an ice world.

Terrain: Mostly all planets are either terran or arid worlds, some barren, volcanic, ocean and gas giant worlds still exist.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Unknown.

Lowest Point (Underwater): Unknown.

Highest Point: Unknown.

Natural Hazards(Home system): None that are known.

Info: Parliens were one of the members of the Dominion and were on their side during the Dominion War. It was believed that almost all Parliens had been killed during the war, but later few systems were found to house Parliens that had apparently ran away from the Dominion in the later parts of the war. First they joined the United Federation of Planets, but after the formation of the IPA they joined it, the reasons for this are not fully known. Currently they are full members of the IPA and probably continue to be as long as the IPA exists.