Essentially a small city in orbit, the Peace Station was constructed shortly after the devastating First Bacterian War by the Hemmoians. The station was meant to prevent massive conflicts like that by providing an open political forum for all interstellar governments, where they would have a place for solving their differences in a peaceful manner. The task was not an easy one, and various conflicts broke out from time to time during the Station's operation, but even then, the Peace Station Project was commonly regarded as a success among the galactic peoples.

Times change, however. As the Station entered its fifth year, certain governments pulled their ambassadors off and stopped funding the project. By the end of the fifth year, the Peace Station Project was officially discontinued and the Station was abandoned. Since then it has orbited its planet silently and alone, but proudly, acting as a monument of its time.

But the seemingly deserted station is not as quiet as one would assume, and there is more to its story than the history files tell ...


The pride of the Gigerdi Alliance Starfleet, the Exploreison is one of the most highly advanced Research and Exploration vessels in the Alliance. Spanning 14 kilometers and commanded by the talented Captain Gigerdius, the mighty vessel and its valiant crew has taken part in many unbelievable adventures... But the secret they uncover on the Peace Station will change the way they look at the future forever.


A union spanning the entire species known as the Gigerdians, the G.A. is one of the three major starpowers in the Galaxy, along with the Hemmoians and the Bacterians. Initially an alliance based on grand ideals and high goals, the G.A. has lately turned into something entirely different. Governed by the ruthless President Rubek and regulated by the enigmatic agents of a mysterious agency known only as "Section 18", the political atmosphere of the current G.A. is a mixture of xenophobic paranoia and fascistic totalitarianism.

Even while the Alliance's future looks grim, not everyone has lost their hopes of a better tomorrow, and many oppose Rubek's corrupt ideals...