Progress Report 24-"The Planet Battle"

This time was the time it finally happened. We had postponed it several times before we finally got everyone together and into one place in order to film the scene of scenes for our movies.

I'm talking about the famous “planet battle” scene that was to be filmed during that faithful Saturday.

The location for the shoot was in Espoo, that's located near Helsinki or something (It's one of those high-class neighborhoods where the families have five cars and the man walking down the street lights his Cuban cigars with 100 Euro bills). For today's shoot me, Mr. Shok and Mad Gigerdi were present along with Mr. Sigil and Mr. R'Derex.

Mr. Sigil was waiting for us in Espoo, close to his home were the filming of the scene was scheduled to happen. So we all knew that today we would be going to a forest.

Anyway, the bus-trip to Espoo was the worst part of the whole damn journey. Not only was it long, the bus was so freakin' hot that I was three seconds from puking my guts out in a violent outburst of fear and other not so nice stuff.

So, we almost missed the bus and all of a sudden a group of ticket inspectors (!) barge into the bus and start demanding our tickets. So there I am, and my famous “luck” comes into play when everyone else has his ticket besides me. The inspector orders me to empty my pockets and find the ticket or she will write me a 53 Euro fine for not paying for a bus ride that I have paid already for!

I just couldn't find the ticket…

I tried and tried to explain the fact that I would've never had the chance to enter the bus unless I would've paid. These freaking “cooperation” inspectors just eye me, and one of the female inspectors is just about to write me that 53 Euro “penalty” when I suddenly manage to get the famous “luck roll” and I pull the ticket out of my pocket with a smug grin and reply with a smart ass remark “Hah, this is your lucky day!”

Those inspectors were defeated. I ruined their “sure catch” and messed up their whole plan of giving me that 53 Euro penalty fare. Talk about luck!

Can you believe that the word “cooperation” is featured on their job description? Neither would I after that encounter…

After that charade, we finally got to Espoo and quickly met Mr. Sigil on the bus stop from which we then proceeded to Mr. Sigil's home and then continued our journey to the nearby forest.

As with everything in Espoo , there's a long way to get there (or so it seemed). So we walked along a path and then hiked up a hill and finally found a suitable place to set up our stuff. Mr. Mad Gigerdi had reserved (along with Mr. Sigil) some umbrellas to place the camera under in case it would rain. Luckily it did not, but it sure was hot.

So I had to play the “unknown enemy” character in this scene which involved me going jumping around the forest wearing a robe/cape and a dark-blue scarf to conceal my face.

We started off pretty well, but then these little spiders started to bug Mr. Shok and we spend some time trying to fend them off and escape their fearful influence a few meters away to another spot on the forest.

I got to jump around, run, shoot and fall to the ground while the heroic crew members chased me around the planet. Finally I met my maker, of course. But that's a different story…

I must say that once we got all the spider-trouble and general messing around done, things went pretty fast and for once I was happy for not having huge amounts of dialogue and yelling to computer monitors like I normally do.

This particular shoot was actually a remake of the scene we had previously started in Sipoo and it is quite obvious that this one went a lot better than the first shoot did. And it wasn't just the acting, but more or less the amount of people.

One of the more sad parts of course was that we did not have the possibility to feature “the mini-gun” into this scene. But instead had to use a quickly patched up “weapon” courtesy of Mr. Sigil. The “mini-gun” had so much potential, and it isn't just the fact that Defier got to use it, but never fired it during the movie.

A pretty fun “session” once everything got going. As said before.