Progress Report 23-"The Second Frontier"

This time we weren't shooting at our usual locations, but rather in a warehouse located in the area of Vantaa. The scene we were about to shoot was a very short one, perhaps a too short one compered how good the location actually was. Once we arrived to the location we first scouted the area again, as only I and Mr. Sigil had seen it, but Mr. Shok hadn't. We found one suitable place, which could be used in the sequel. The scouting around probably didn't even take so long this time. We also found certain "tools" that would make great weapons for the sequel as well. Once we had found the locations suitable for the scenes we started to prepare for the shooting. However, before that we probably wasted an hour in surfing the internet looking at various things, including some starship comparison things.

Then we finally started to shoot the things we needed to. A few shots on the uppest levels of the warehouse and then the rest on the lower levels. Mr. Shok have had only one hour of sleep then, so his mood was relative to that. We were "filming" at least three hours, now most of that time still didn't go into filming, but something else. Still I think that we were able to shoot everything that was needed. After everything had been filmed we decided to depart. This time I didn't wash the green paint from my face on the location, but rather at home. I do hope that no one noticed a green-faced guy in the car.