Progress Report 22-"The Happy Day"

We were ONCE AGAIN filming at Oulukylä. We arrived there at 11:00. Mr. Shok arrived about one hour later. So this time there were I, Mr Mad Gigerdi 2, Mr. Shok, Mr. Dalleer and Mr. R'Derex.

We filmed a few scenes, including "The Hunt". This time I was given the honor of being the Unknown Enemy. We also filmed the dead R'Derex and dead Defier.

Today there was a textile-work display in Oulunkylä. Of course Mr. R'Derex, Mr. Dalleer (as Defier), I (as the Unknown Enemy) and Mr. Mad Gigerdi 2 visited it. We were talking about the GA to an old (+90 years) lady. She was sort of interested. We, for example, told her that this is an ideology, and Mr. Goatse-man is our great leader. Defier's third eye was explained simply; It indicates that he has seen our great leader.

The happiest thing during this day was probably the serving of waffles and juice for the visitors of the display. The juice was in fact a cocktail made of apple juice and Sprite-lemonade. It was somehow strangely addictive, because we (Dalleer, Mad Gigerdi 2 and I) drank more than 7 cups of it. And the most scary part of it was that we were terribly happy after drinking it. We really do hope it did not include any alcohol. The waffles are also suspected of including some..."happy-stuff". Anyway, we had a lot of fun.

After filming we were at the train station of Oulunkylä, and we were talking about 50 Cent. Perhaps our opinions of 50 Cent were a bit... provoking. A gang of 1,2 - 1,5 meter tall rap-guys did not like them. They told us to go say it on the "stage" or "station" (They were not capable of producing proper human talk, so I'm not sure), and we would get beaten up. Well, they REALLY scared the hell out of us. Of course, due to our lack of sense of self-defense, we continued dissing 50 Cent and other rap-"artists". Fortunately we were not beaten up because the chinese guy was with us as a bodyguard.