Progress Report 21-"20 hours of filming during Easter"

Part 1/3, friday 9.4.2004

Today we were once again filming at Oulunkylä. We had one new actor, who we met by the central railway station in Helsinki. Then we proceeded to Oulunkylä by train. We had planned to start at 12:00, but Mr Dalleer was "a bit" late. Then we heard bad news about Mr Shok, he had caught a cold, and was unable to join us. That meant we would not be able to film completely the scene "At the Peace Station", some rags have to be captured on the film later. Two of the actors were unfortunately nearly useless because Mr Shok couldn't make it. We only filmed one scene and some greenscreen action. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fortunate, the sun will shine and Mr Shok is able to join us.

Part 2/3, saturday 10.4.2004

Today we started filming at Oulunkylä at 12:00. Mr Shok fortunately arrived, he was nearly ok. Mr Dalleer was also there. Ak Iram, our actress, arrived a bit late, but it did not matter, because it took as much as four hours to create the Hemmoian-origin computer terminal on the Peace Station. First we had to get enough of computers for it, and we had a problem doing that. The LCD-monitors were locked to their tables by 5mm thick steel wires. They all had locks, and the keys were cleverly hidden into teachers desk. Fortunately, the keys were marked with numbers. Unfortunately the markings were not too logical, as key 04 opened lock 07 and key 07 opened lock 15 and so on...
After unlocking the required nine monitors we started moving the computers themselves. After that mr Shok started programming. First we had problems with screensavers, and later with power-save-modes. But still we were able to film everything we wanted to. As building the terminal took so much time, we decided to take the terminal apart later.

3/3, sunday 12.4.2004

We, I, Mr Mad Gigerdi 2 and Mr R'Derex arrived at Oulunkylä at 12:00 as usual. The others, Mr Shok, Mr Dalleer, Mr Thudor and Ms Ak Iram, arrived a bit later. We started by watching what we had filmed on saturday with the terminal. Most of the shots were good, but we decided to shoot some of them again because of poor outlining. After capturing them we fooled around a bit, or, should I say, our - fan club fooled around. During that some of us took apart the terminal and some captured some greenscreen material. We also finished the "At The Peace Station"- scene.