Progress Report 17-”The Better Future”

This time we were once again situated at the Oulunkylä as we won't be filming at the Itäkeskus much anymore, probably only once. Anyway, this time we decided to start early (10:00) because we knew that people would arrive late, as the "Chinese guy" did. At first we talked about some stuff not much related to the movie and then we decided to start building the office scene and collecting the props and stuff needed for the "bombsite-scene" because we were informed that most of the classes were in use in later of the day.

So we built the office scene before the "Chinese guy" arrived and also decided to do some more make-up making of documentaries. After we had shot them we proceeded to film the office scene. We had some problems doing it as most of the time went into laughing about things that shouldn't be funny at all. Still after a while we were able to finish the office scenes, which concluded all the office scenes. After that we decided to film the corridor scene again, which involved PS officer and Mr. Craal. However, there was some trouble in deciding what race the PS officer would be. As previously he had been human, but the fact that he was human didn't please Mr. Shok and since the actor didn't want to paint his skin green we decided to make him a Folan. We also decided to film the bombsite scenes again where the PS officer had featured.

After about wasting an hour or half an hour we finally were able to start filming the corridor scenes. Before it we were informed that the textile class where we were about to shoot the corridor scene, would be taken over in about 50 minutes. So we didn't have much time to shoot the scene. Still personally I'd say it went relatively well. After that we proceeded back to our 'base', which was the language class.

Then we decided to film the last bombsite scenes. We built the bombsite scene again and this time a bit differently from the one it had been before. Then we proceeded to shoot it. It also went relatively well and we were able to finish both of the bombsite scenes quite fast and well. After that we started to take the stuff back to their original places, which took some time.

After we had taken everything back to their places we decided to film some interviews. First we asked questions from the "Chinese guy" and later from Mr. Dalleer. Sometimes the interviews contained a lot of useless material that wasn't interesting and probably will be removed. We also had to shoot some of the interviews several times because some of them were just plain boring or didn't contain any interesting material. The last one was Mr. Shok, who perhaps answered to the questions better than the others and we didn't have to re-shoot them.

After that was done we decided to call it a day, also because we were informed that we didn't have much time left anyway. Personally I think that this was one of the best filming days we've had, especially with the new guys. Since we were able to shoot 3 whole scenes + we finished one scene. So things are once again looking a bit brighter and hopefully this movie will even be released in a few months.