Progress Report 16-”Don’t mix good material with bad material”

It was a beautiful Saturday with clear skies and warm spring weather. You know, the kind weather that is at one point so warm that you’d like to put on shorts but eventually end up with a high fever and second thoughts of going outside with so few clothes on.

Anyway, we were supposed to film some more material in the STOA “center” located in Itäkeskus today but unfortunately, Mr. Shok couldn’t make it so we had a quick change of plans in the morning hours of this Saturday. The two “new guys” arrived, and Mr. Mad Gigerdi brought another one of his contacts with him. So, we had decided to film in the good old “Oulunkylä house” located in Helsinki.

I must admit that we didn’t exactly have a lot of time during this particular “shoot”, so the results were quite diminished as well. We filmed some additional material from the “bombsite”-scenes and our newest actor acquisition played the part of an officer with Colonel Craal’s detachment. We had to construct the bombsite again, but with a slightly different set-up of course.

Secondly, the set-up and the time limits took their toll on our performance (not to mention a certain actor who fucked things up more than a flock of bats released to a windowless room) and unfortunately, we just got two “sections” of a scene filmed. Personally, the actions of one of the new guys still fucks up with my order of priorities but at this moment there isn’t too much we can do about that. So, we continue forward despite the big difficulties.