Progress Report 15-”SPACE MONSTER ATTACK”

Still in Oulunkylä, still working with the fighting scenes. surely, our mastery over the martial arts will put many a kung fu flick to shame... or, well, not. After several hours of flying like butterflies and stinging like bees, we (presumably) finished the action scene thing and headed upstairs for some other stuff.

Unfortunately, in the middle of rebuilding the office set, unrest broke out in the ranks of the actors, who were upset by the management's cruel and inhuman policies regarding manual labor and the way they denied us our mandatory coffee break. A strike was soon organized, and grueling bargaining talks between the two parties followed. After frantic negotiations, the heroes of the working class emerged victorious and the work could resume under a new, progressive rule.

Oh, and just to keep up the record of mistakes committed by other people: This time Mr. Afroman, who I've been informed also goes by the name of "Heiskanen", failed to arrive yet again, because he simply wasn't welcomed. However, no-one seemed to mind his absence, with the general consensus on the issue among the crew being summed up in two words: "Good riddance". We also learned that the Chinese Guy, who also has a name (albeit one I cannot type), had overwhelming problems with the pronunciation of the word "knew", which is why we were finally forced to, well, let him not say it.

Optimism: Rapidly diminishing.

In other news, a version of the movie dubbed completely in spanish was planned, under the working title "Estación de la Pas: El Diablo muertes muchos Hombres". According to our marketing department, which consists primarily of the toothless guy who lives down the street among the cardboard boxes, this would greatly increase the appeal of the movie on the South-American markets, so naturally we are interested in the possibility.