Progress Report 14-”Fooling Around”

Once again we were situatied at Oulunkylä. However this time we didn't film on weekend, but rather on wednesday. We arrived earlier to the Oulunkylä (at about 11:00). However, I was the first one to arrive, and had to wait quite a while (about an hour) before more people bothered to arrive at the place.

We decided to start working even before Mr. Shok would arrive, so we proceeded to our 'base' and all the actors needed started to prepare themselves. We first shooted one scene, which only involved me and one voice-over, however as it had one big mistake, it might have to be re-shot, However, after that we then headed for the basement level and proceeded to shoot the fighting scene. We extended the scene a bit and implemented some quite good fighting techniques as well. However, because Mr. Heiskanen was disturbing the shootings quite a lot of and did all kind of stupid things, so the shooting didn't proceed so well. Mr. Heiskanen also didn't do anything, but rather kept either fooling around, sleeping on the floor or just kept making trouble.

After a while we decided to quit for the day, even that we didn't had shot almost anything.