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The movie has been finished and the premiere was recently held. This means that a potential public release might happen in the near future, most likely next summer.


 Progress update
 14.07.2014 21:45 GMT +2 Posted By: Mad Gigerdi Jr.

Currently only the final renderings of the space effects are needed, everything else is ready. There were some tweaking needed with the previous versions. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the previous post, this is very time consuming. Nevertheless the movie is progressing and will be ready once these are done. This might take from few weeks to a year though.

 Another update
 04.08.2013 19:50 GMT +2 Posted By: Mad Gigerdi Jr.

The movie has now reached to a point where only the space effects are anymore needed. The good thing with those is also that all space effects have been done, but the final renders are still needed. The bad thing is that this can take quite a while. Because of this the possible release date is probably some time in autumn.

 25.06.2013 22:10 GMT +2 Posted By: Mad Gigerdi Jr.

The production of the Peace Station Harbinger movie is once again proceeding and, luckily, there isn't that much work to be done anymore. Due to the busy year progress has been slow lately, but with luck a release might happen this summer.

 Site Moving, again
 26.05.2010 21:10 GMT +2 Posted By: Mad Gigerdi 2

Site has moved again moving, the new address is

As a side-note the movie is progressing, slowly, but steady.


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