“Just another Sci-Fi fan-project?”


As people start to read this, they might think that we’re here to make another stupid and childish Star Trek/Star Wars/Babylon 5 etc. fan movie, well, we’re not. You can believe me that even if you might recognize some places, characters, starships, equipment from various series, this one is as original as it gets. The fate of this movie is decided, which it truly was not a year ago, everything was as unstable as tomorrow’s weather.

The “All-about”-thing

Firstly, the movie is titled “The Peace Station”, which is the name of the original “Series” that started all the spin-offs and project that we’ve been doing for the past 6 or 8 years. The sub-title of the movie, is the “Harbinger”, concentrating to the adventures of the crew of the Gigerdi Alliance starship G.A.S. Exploreison.

Before we started making this movie, the “Peace Station”-Universe had been kept alive by fan fiction stories, Internet web sites, crude forms of role-playing, and other bigger or smaller projects. Yes, this Science fiction universe portrays the fates and adventures of three different races: The Gigerdians, the Hemmoians, and the Bacterians. Of course, there are numerous other races, but unlike many other series, this one does not concentrate on humans. This time, we can only portray a few races in the movie, mainly the Gigerdians, humans, and a “Secret enemy” which is yet kept in the dark. All of this started about 6 (maybe even more) years ago when a group of three people, Dalleer (me), Mad Gigerdi 2, and Shok 38 Teenik (Names changed), decided to start “making” various “Peace Station” –related stories, pictures, there was also a fair amount of “role-playing” in these stories, ideas, other stuff out. We’ve had several people with us doing new races, factions, weapons, adventures, etc. during the years Peace station has been actively going on.

We three are hardcore Science fiction shows fanatics, and we watched mainly Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and had tremendous ideas from them, you could say that these series (and many others, too) have helped to shape the Peace Station Universe into what it is today. Now, we have never before tried making a movie out of all this, and we were almost certain that it would not be made at all, but Mad Gigerdi thought that it would all work out nonetheless.

The early inquiries that Mad Gigerdi made to Dalleer and Shok Teenik during the year 2002, didn’t get much support, Shok was completely against it, as was I. It seemed that the “Peace station movie project” would remain as a joke, which everyone would laugh to during meetings between us three.

“Never say never,” was my comment as the year 2002 closed to its end. My view had changed, thinking that “Why not?” attitude would not trip me over. Mad Gigerdi and me decided to proceed with the project. My views of participating to the project was clear, since I decided that maybe all this really would need a movie under it all, to show other people our work, our ideas, and to bring the Finnish “Sci-fi front” something else, since it had very little to offer. Mad Gigerdi on the other hand, had been greatly inspired by a movie that someone from his school had made, it was amateur stuff, he said, but “Ignited the flame”. Firstly, we’ve never done a movie, so this is going to be a big change of learning something useful while having fun.

As another “Meeting” was held at the beginning of the year 2003, between Mad Gigerdi, Shok Teenik, and me. Shok was finally convinced to join the project, but before that, Mad Gigerdi and me had planned the story, equipment needed, and other stuff out. Mad Gigerdi had “recruited” the actors; the Script was put into paper (officially) after the meeting between us three. So far, I’d like to take credit for the scripts “First idea”, I was the one to blame for putting the first ideas together.

Who pays? And other stuff.

Since Mad Gigerdi and me really “Made” the idea of the movie, it falls on us to pay for this all. So far, we’ve got a fair amount of money, at least 5 people ready to act, and almost everything ready for the shooting. Since this is our first movie project, the financial part of the project is kept pretty low; of course, the uniforms and other equipment are going to cost, but generally, our budget is quite low.

The three of us made the script. We worked the idea by diving it to “Three parts” that each of us wrote, with the exception of Mad Gigerdi writing the beginning, the end, and some parts in the middle. As we’ve decided already, the actors get no pay, and if we should get any money back from this, it all goes to the pockets of the people that funded this (me and Mad Gigerdi). This is all pure amateur stuff, so we really couldn’t even start to pay them, everything else costs quite enough already.

The final words

Until early 2003, the name of the movie was still undecided. Of course, the main title would be “Peace Station”, but the sub-title would still be needed. As me and Mad Gigerdi pondered the name, there were many suggestions such as: Gambit, Peace station: the Movie, etc. Mad Gigerdi thought up the idea of using “Harbinger” as the name, and I thought that it “Sounded kinda cool”. And so the name was decided. At this point, we are in the process of filming/shooting the movie; all of the equipment that we could acquire with the limited budget has been acquired. As we have started the initial filming, several green-screen scenes have been filmed but require yet another remake because of the rather bad quality of the shots. Some constructed set-scenes have been shot as well, but some still remain.

There is an outdoor-battle sequence being planned as well, it will most definitely be filmed in the evening, probably quite soon from now. The movie is being filmed in Finland, and yes, we are Finnish as well. To those who know Finland better, we have completed the shooting in Sipoo now, which is located quite near Helsinki (30-35 km). The place of the filming in Sipoo was the Leppätie elementary school. Currently, our work continues in Oulunkylä, which is located in Helsinki.