Main Cast

Wes Craal
Played by Mal Dalleer

Age: 50

Military rank: Colonel

Origin: Debarxis Colony, fifth planet (Debarxis 5)

Military Education: Debarxis GA military academy, Humoos 5 Planetary combat
school, Teevix 6 Ground battle school

Family: Two sisters, both dead. One brother, killed in third Bacterian war.


Colonel Wes Craal is career military. He wanted to become a Colonial farmer when he was young, but after his parents taught the whole family about the Gigerdian military, Craal knew he had to join as soon as possible. After a few years, Craal graduated from his normal schools barely, but got into the GA Military academy of Debarxis; he specialized in Planetary combat and commanding skills. Craal graduated, and lead several smaller Clone-infantry campaigns against the Bacterians; he received the "Amber Stardust"-medal for destroying seven Bacterian Divisions during the Third Bacterian war. He had received promotions fairly quickly. He was patriotic, ambitious, and was blood-thirsty when it came to combat. Craal's Brother was also very distant to Craal, and as his brother died in one of the numerous battles during the Third Bacterian war. Craal just strengthened his hate towards the Bacterians. Craal was almost without any feelings; he handled his tasks outstandingly, but still mourned the death of his brother, and his twin sisters many years before, who both died of natural causes.

After the war, Craal was recruited to a "Special Task force", set up to search and destroy Bacterian Separatists and rebels, willing to harm GA citizens and interests around the galaxy. His first job was to track down a group of Bacterian saboteurs hiding in the abandoned Peace Station. Craal was then unofficially placed into the command of the station, to keep order and security around it. As the G.A.S. Exploreison suddenly arrives to the station one day, Craal finds himself head to head with a man he never wished to encounter...

Played by Mad Gigerdi 2

Age: 47

Military rank: Captain

Origin: Gigerdi Prime

Military Education: Only a fast command training. Has extensive ambassadorial training.

Family: One sister, killed on an accident several years ago, he is married with Gurned Gigerdius, a Gigerdian and has a son, Siernan Gigerdius.


Gigerdius was born on the planet Gigerdi Prime. His father worked in the GF military’s research department and his mother was a doctor. When Gigerdius was two years old he got a little sister. At first Gigerdius wanted to go to the military, but after he had completed all the more basic schools he was fascinated by the ambassadorial work and therefore went to the ambassadorial school on Gigerdi Prime. After many years he finally graduated and got the position as the ambassadorial assistor for the Gigerdi Federation ambassador to the UFP. He made numerous small ambassadorial tasks then and was able to form many smaller treaties and enhance some during those years. His talents were therefore soon noted and he got the position as an ambassador to the Folan Star Empire. It was an important job and Gigerdius had never even really thought he could get that. There, he was able to strengthen the relations between the Gigerdi Federation and the Folan Star Empire. During those years he also married Gurned Hesar, a Gigerdian who Gigerdius met when he was visiting Gigerdi Prime. After their wedding Gigerdius requested if he could be reinstated and his request was approved. He then started performing small tasks around the GA space, mostly dealing with internal matters, which needed negotiations.

Soon he and Gurned got a son, Siernan Gigerdius. Not long after that Gigerdius’s sister died in a strange accident. Still Gigerdius continued in his current ambassadorial job and started even performing ambassadorial tasks outside the borders of Gigerdi Federation. Many years later, after many years of dedicated work for the Gigerdi Federation, Gigerdius was captured by the Dominion, during the Dominion war while he was on an ambassadorial mission near the Dominion border. Dominion then inserted a shapeshifter posing as Gigerdius to the GF. However, the shapeshifter didn’t manage to survive long before he was caught at the Peace Station. Gigerdius was then later released, but still had to face court-martial. He was sentenced to work at a space dock for a several years. He spent many years there, until he got offered the place as the captain of the G.A.S. Exploreison, which was the first vessel to be built under the name of G.A.S. (Gigerdi Alliance Ship) Gigerdius finally accepted that position and went through a quick training to learn the basics of commanding a ship. After that their journey begins, and now after a routine mission goes wrong they have no choice, but to head to the Peace Station, where Gigerdius will meet a man, who hasn’t forgotten Gigerdius’s past.

Erol Grillka
Played by: Ak Iram

Age: 41

Military rank: Commander

Origin: Gref

Military Education: Complete basic military training, extensive operations training and later command training.

Family: None.


Grillka was born on the planet Gref, which is the third planet in the Joridian system. Her parents weren't involved with the military in any way and thus Grillka had very little of knowledge about it. At first she wanted to become a tour guide to the system, but visiting Gigerdi Federation military recruiters got her interested in the military and so she headed for the military academy on the fourth planet. She completed the basic training and then decided to become an operations officer. After she had completed her training she was assigned to the G.F.S. Aquatod, where she was promoted as lieutenant and after that as a lieutenant-commander. After that she was sent into command training and got the basics of commanding a ship. After she had completed it, she was assigned to the G.F.S. Exes. And after four years she was promoted to commander, which meant for some more command training. After she got her first command as the commanding officer of Exes as she had been first officer there before. However, not long after that she participated in the last attack to the Dominion's homeworld as the first officer of U.F.S. Harbinger. After the battle she was proposed the job as the first officer of G.A.S. Exploreison. She accepted and was sent into additional training because it was her first post onboard an exploration ship.

Played by Shok 40 Teenik

Age: 34

Military rank: Lieutenant

Origin: Biirlu

Military Education: Basic military training. Extensive science training.

Family: One brother.


Sprak was born on planet Biirlu, which was one of the first Lihter colonies in gigerdian space. Sprak was immediately fascinated by science and therefore went to the science academy. Later he decided to become a military science officer and joined GF military. He spent several years in training and was later assigned to an advanced training on planet Cruula 5 where he spent two years and was promoted to lieutenant, after that he was assigned to the Exploreison.


Age: 34

Military rank: Lieutenant

Origin: Heneki 5

Military Education: Basic military training. Extensive security training.

Family: None.


R’Derex was born on a planet Heneki 5, which was mostly populated by Folans. The planet was still located in the Gigerdi Federation space. R’Derex first planned to become a replicator engineer, but after graduating from the more basic schools he decided to head to the security training and worked as a security officer on Heneki five, before he decided to head to the military. Because of his past training he completed basic security officer training fast and was assigned to the advanced training on planet Cruula 5 where he spent two years and was promoted to lieutenant. After that he was assigned as a chief of security to the Exploreison.

Richard Drill

Age: 40

Military rank: Lieutenant-Commander

Origin: Earth

Military Education: Basic military training at Starfleet Academy, extensive engineering training at Starfleet academy and later at Gigerdi Alliance Military academy.

Family: One sister, one brother.


Drill was born on Earth and even as a child he wanted to join the military like his mother was. His mother served as a chief-engineer onboard the U.F.S. Lakota, she was then killed during the Gorg war when Drill was still at Starfleet academy. After that Drill decided to join the small group of students who were sent to the Gigerdi Federation as an exchange students. Drill had some trouble at the Gigerdian academy, but still graduated in time. After that he served seven years onboard the U.F.S. Excalibur, where he was promoted to lieutenant and later on his last year as a lieutenant-commander. The Alliance then thought that he could be a fine addition to the Exploreison's crew and suggested the position of a chief-engineer to him. Because Drill always wanted to become a chief-engineer, like his mother, he accepted the position and now serves as the chief-engineer onboard the Exploreison.