Frequently Asked Questions

What's the release date of Peace Station: Harbinger?

Currently it's January 2011.

Have you got acting experience before this?

Yes, and no. We’ve never acted in front of the camera before, and the “Acting experience” that we’ve got is limited to some archaic school-plays of that time, so yeah, we are pretty inexperienced.

How much does the movie cost?

The Movie really didn’t/doesn’t cost that much really. Mainly, we’ve had to pay for the Green-screen and other smaller equipment (The guns, some clothing). The official economic figures of the movie is about 200 Euros, we had no more and no less to spend on the movie, so everything might look cheap and fast drawn, except the special effects, of course. The most “Wallet-saving” feature of our movie is, that some stuff we’ve had has been brought in by the actors (For an example, most of the uniforms are made from home-issue stuff).

Just how many people are there in your movie?

Well, I must admit that yet again we are working with a skeleton crew. When we started out, there was at least 9 people willing to participate in the project, but at this point there is even six of us (All of the production team has to act too), but more people will (possibly) be added to the “Team” if and when they become available.

How long will PS: Harbinger be?

Unknown, still the best estimate is around 30-45 minutes.

What's the genre of PS: Harbinger?

PS: Harbinger is a science fiction action/adventure movie.

Why's the movie based on the Exploreison spin-off?

Well mostly because it's easier to make it base on it, as like the greenscreen scenes will be a lot of easier and also the characters are already a bit known.

What will the release formats be?

The release format will be XviD AVI-video with LAME mp3 sound. Size should be around 350-400 MB. It will also be released in either YouTube or Google Video.

What if I want to join your movie?

No additional people is required for Harbinger. For possible future releases there's always a need for new people.

Will there be a sequel?

Unknown at this point. That will be decided during the production meeting following the release of the movie.