President Rubek Was Killed

Later today the renegade fleet entered Gigerdi Prime space lead by Nix Balmorra in order to overthrow President Rubek. The senators along with several security officers attempted to arrest President Rubek, but failed. Due to the fact that President Rubek had taken a grenade from one of his guards and killed himself with that to prevent capture.

Vice-president Dalleer has now been declared as President Dalleer until new elections can be held.

Military was later issued orders to capture all Section 18 leaders allied with Rubek and to turn upside-down the entire organization if necessary. Several Section 18 leaders have already been captured, but reports indicate that many are still free. Court-martial will be held for all Section 18 personnel that were allied with Rubek and it's believed that they won't be treated lightly there. Investigations concerning the Section 18 will continue until otherwise instructed.