Mad Gigerdi 2 Returning?

Mad Gigerdi Jr. has stated that he might be returning to the custody of the GA soon in order to end the conflict between the GA and the IPA, which has now waged for weeks already. Should Mad Gigerdi Jr. return he'll probably be court-martialed.

First ones have now actively taken part in the conflict and thus it has turned into an intergalactic conflict as almost every race is participating, except the UFP and Folans. The IPA forces have now driven back or captured most of the GA attack forces. Bacterian and Hemmoian forces have been attacked by the IPA defense forces and the first ones.

Overall, really no one has made any progress in the war lately; IPA though has retaken most of their planets now, but nothing else has really been going on except for ships being destroyed on both sides. That's why IPA has offered negotiations to solve the problem peacefully.