Peace Destroyed

The flagship of Gigerdi Alliance fleet was destroyed in a battle against the Lightness forces. The Peace, and its battle group was assigned to protect the evacuation of the Prozius system when Lightness forces attacked. The Lightness forces included the feared planet killer, which had already destroyed several planets. Peace and its battle group managed the lure the Lightness attackers away from the planets and thus the evacuation succeeded. However the Lightness forces managed to severely cripple the Peace and thus its commanding officer ordered the crew to abandon the ship. After almost all of the crew had escaped from the ship they rammed to the Lightness planet killer just when they got its shields down. Peace then self-destructed and the blast took out the planet killer and several Lightness ships. Most of the battle group was able to escape the explosion and later succeeded in securing the system and stopping the Lightness invasion.

The Peace saved many planets from destruction and cost only very little of lives this way. About 46 people died onboard the Peace. Sanctuary (2) has now been declared as the flagship of the GA fleet; it served as the flagship of Kyle Gigerdi during the secession war.