The Gigerdi Alliance News Network Opened

New Jump Drive

G.A.S. Exploreison Launched

Mad Gigerdi Has Died

The G.A.S. Exploreison Found Plans Of A New Fighter

President Rubek Was Killed

First Contact


Lightness Wiping Out Military Bases


T-Race Enters The War

Lightness As Old As T-Race

T-Race Gives A New Energy Torpedo

Kapu Finally Defeated

Normal Weapons Won't Affect

Lightness Close To Gigerdi Prime

Lightness Planet Killer Revealed

New Fighter Was Released From Spacedock

Lightness Isn't Attacking Homeworlds

First Good Victory

New Shield

Research Complete

Peace Destroyed

Message Of Unknown Origin

Newest Ship Of Lightness Revealed

T-Race's Secret Revealed

War With The Lightness Is Over

Exploreison Located

More Information About The End Of The War With The Lightness

Interplanetary Alliance Formed

New Exploreison Project In Progress

More Planets Join The IPA

I.P.A.S. Exploration Finished

Remains Of Gorgs Found

Remains Of Parliens Found

Strange Attacks

Armed Resistance?

Research And Exploration Founded

Bacterians And Gigerdians Attacked To Interplanetary Alliance

Armed Resistance Grows

President Of Interplanetary Alliance Changed

War Or Not


Alliance Signed

Intergalactic Alliance


Mad Gigerdi 2 Returning?


Resistance Quieter

Capture Reports

Riots End