Lightness Wiping Out Military Bases

We received later today reports concerning the Lightness attacks. According to the reports sent by the GA military the Lightness forces seem to concentrate more on military colonies, bases and installations. Few civilian colonies have also fell under attack, but all were successfully evacuated with moderate losses or sometimes even with no losses. Why Lightness is only attacking military controlled places is a mystery to all of us. Military specialists think that they are simply trying to get us lessen the defenses on civilian worlds in order to attack them more easily. Some people even hope that the Lightness is only after military installations and doesn't much bother on civilian worlds.

According to the latest information the border colonies in UFP-GA border have come under heavy attacks by the Lightness forces, but due to the lack of forces available only very little or no forces were sent to assist them, this has caused unrest rise dramatically among the border and outer rim worlds. GA strategic command has still assured that all colonies will be protected by the GA fleet as long as more ships come available, as Lightness forces are attacking on all fronts the fleet has been divided to cover more space.

Some colonial defense ships have refused to gather with the main GA fleets, but as no action concerning them can be made now the strategic command has allowed them to stay with their protected planets.