Population: 15 200 000 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 1.34%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 310 Earth years.

Birth Rate: Unknown (Cannot be calculated)

Death Rate: Unknown

Labor Force: 992 000 Billion

Labor Force By Occupation: 30% military, 15% industry, 15% services, 30% other.

Industries: Lihters do very little of any kind of industry. Their only industrial products remain ships, computers and other electhronical products. Mostly Lihter populated worlds contain very little of any kind of industry, except very few worlds that have dedicated themselves for industry.

Agricultural Products: Lava-flowers and Sulphur fruit.

Export Commodities: Lava-flowers, ships, computers, holographic technology, industrial replicators and Xentronium.

Exports Partners: Other UFP colonies, Folan empire, IPA, GA, T-Race federation and Great Lightness.

Import Commodities: Medical Goods, ship equipment, Tritanium, Boron and Ethanol.

Import Partners: Mostly other UFP worlds, but also Gigerdi Alliance, IPA and Folans.

Homeworld: Lihter, second planet.

Capital: M'Inol.

Natural Resources: Iron, Copper, Lead, Tritanium, Sodium, Colosseum, Hafnium, Radon, Helium, Propane, Vendium, Jerrium, Sulphur, Zinc. (Some other resources can be found but with very small doses)

Land Use(Homeworld): 30% Cities, 10% forests, 10% water, 50% barren world.

Land Use: 30% Cities, 30% forests, 35% water, 5% barren worlds.

Planets(Home system): Holin, Lihter, Mener, T'Kel, Y'Rel and J'Fu.

Moons(Home system): M'Ores (Lihter), Y'Der (Lihter), Ader (T'Kel), 41 moons (Y'Rel), 24 moons (J'Fu).

Spaceports(Home system): 1421 spaceports, 15 major spaceports

Spaceports: Over 50 000 spaceports, Over 9 000 major spaceports

Fighter Garrisons(Home system): 23-35

Terrain(Home system): Both Holin and Lihter are volcanic planets; heat has been significantly limited with a planetary shield. Ader is an arid planet. Both Y'Rel and J'Fu remain gas giants, with huge orbital space stations and moon bases.

Terrain: Mostly all planets are either terran or arid worlds, some barren, volcanic, ocean and gas giant worlds still exist.

Lowest Point (not underwater): The Abyss, -8 722 m (Lihter)

Lowest Point (Underwater): Sea of mendacity, -45 128 m (Lihter)

Highest Point: Mount Eruia, 14 764 m (Holin)

Natural Hazards(Home system): Both Holin and Lihter have high temperature and a lot of seismic activity, including a lot of active volcanoes.

Info: Lihters are one of the founding members of the Federation. They evolved on Lihter, which is mostly a volcanic planet with very little of plant life or water. Thousands of years ago the Lihters were a very brutal race, that killed each other more often than pretty much any other race in the galaxy in their history. Thus, their numbers always remained the same, but allowed them to survive in the harsh environment. Later, however, all changed. Some of the Lihters found a way to purge yourself of all emotion, which they redeemed as the only way for their species to survive and prosper in the long run. Rest of the Lihter people didn't take accept this with open arms, however. Bloody wars erupted and lasted for many years, ravaging most of the Lihter "prides" that still had emotions. After this great war, most of the other Lihters also realized that perhaps the way without emotion is the only way they can survive. Almost all Lihters embraced this new ideal, and later, everyone. Prosperous times came; technology and knowledge advanced rapidly, civilization increased and later space travel was invented. The first races Lihters encountered were the Opiros, V'As'Ta'R and Q<RE-Ô. Hostilities rose only with the V'As'Ta'R, which didn't last for many years. This was the beginning of the Federation. Later came connection to Humans, B² and 1110110110101111. After the foundation of the Federation, the Lihters have remained active member and remain as one of the main races in the Federation. Lihters are highly religious people and believe highly in the ways of no-emotion.