Lightness Planet Killer Revealed

The 45th fleet of Federation engaged a Lightness fleet yesterday and discovered a new kind of ship that was later designated as a planet killer after destroying the nearby planet. All ships have now been informed of this new planet killer and orders have been issued to stop it at all costs, however due to the fact that it's now the most powerful Lightness ship it is highly unlikely that destroying it will prove to be an easy task. This news has also caused widespread panic on several colonies, including Gigerdi Prime and Gigerdi 2, even that almost all the planets that have been destroyed by this have all served mostly as a military colonies.

Civilian population is being evacuated from military colonies as fast as possible. The border colonies still get more desperate and are now taking more and more their own actions, rather than taking orders from the government or the military. Some ships have even joined their cause in protecting the border worlds.