Interplanetary Alliance Formed

We just received a report that several GA border worlds have declared independence and joined forces with several Federation border worlds that have also declared independence. These colonies seem to be same that disobeyed orders during the Lightness wars. They justify this declaration by saying that the GA or the Federation didn't help them during the Lightness war, even that their situation was already so difficult, especially on the colonies in the GA's side due to Rubek.

This new alliance has declared itself to be the Interplanetary Alliance. They posses quite a lot of GA military equipment and ships, which has made the military and the president very nervous and angry, however no action has yet taken place. The IPA has received major support along the other border worlds and thus more and more colonies are breaking away and joining this Interplanetary Alliance.

Apparently this alliance already has a ruling force; a council, consisting of representatives from each system. It is rumored that they'll be selecting a president soon.