More Information About The End Of The War With The Lightness

OK, we have now received more information concerning the peace with the Lightness, even that some of this stuff sounds really weird.

Apparently the Lightness and T-Race have put no conditions regarding the peace treaty and have officially stated that they regret the cause of the war, but still find it justified for reasons of unknown, they have promised to tell those reasons in the future when the time is right. This sounds quite odd, but the GA is still willing to make the peace treaty in order to end this war. Every other race is also presumed to sign the treaty very soon.

According to the reports we've received this whole peace negotiations thing started when one human captain opened a channel to the Lightness forces during the final battle and somehow explained some things to them. This then got them somehow realized what they were doing and thus ended the battle and later the war. This is considered to be quite odd by everyone, but people are still willing to accept it as long as the war will be over.

After this a rebellion begun in the T-Race Federation and in the Lightness, at least that's what they say. Apparently the people captured power from their leaders.

Hopefully this will all become clearer in the future. We'll give you more information as soon as we receive it.