Armed Resistance Grows

The resistance movement designated to destroy the Section 18 has been rapidly growing in the past few months, at least so we've heard. There's even been rumors of Section 18 agents being part of this resistance, but as really no official information about the members of the resistance has been released we don't have any clue is it true. However, it has been confirmed that more military people has joined to the resistance than was previously anticipated. There's also been reports about the resistance hiring people to assassinate president Dalleer himself.

Riots have begun on several of the border colonies and some have broken away and joined the IPA. On the core worlds, all the riots have been suspended, but in the border and outer rim colonies it hasn't been so successful, as the colonial police and defense forces are weak, sometimes even don't care about the rioters or sometimes even support them.

In the past few months there has also been several attacks on Section 18 facilities, which has caused a lot structural damage and loss of lives to the Section 18. Because of the efficiency of the resistance movement, it is believed that somebody must be aiding them in their cause, as to why, we don't know.

The Section 18 has responded to the resistance activity by doubling their efforts on finding the resistance members, but as to now, no official information has been released of any captures.