The Gigerdi Alliance News Network Opened

Gigerdian News, the biggest news corporation in the Gigerdi Alliance, today formed the Gigerdi Alliance News Network (GANN). The purpose of this is to provide news to other races about what's happening in the galaxy or in the other galaxies. Most of all to provide news in the Gigerdian point of view. GANN HQ will be located on G-Prime. GANN will be consisting of several reporters especially specialized in reporting about other races and events that may not even concern the GA. GANN will also inform about major GA news, but colonial weather reports and such have to be viewed from the Gigerdian News. Gigerdian News will continue to report about foreign affairs as well, but not in such a large scale as to what GANN will.

The Gigerdi Alliance News Network will also be the first information network that will be available for Gigerdians. In a way this is made as a response for the growing Hemmoian news and information feeds. The project has already received support from the GA government as well as from the United Federation of Planets. Although GANN won't most likely be a general reference guide to all the events or information that have occurred it'll try to provide all necessary information to the citizens of the Gigerdi Alliance, United Federation of Planets and other races. This project is partially done with the Federation News Service.

GANN will utilize the universal translator technology available on most holoscreens and browsers. If you're unable to get the translator work contact your nearest technical assistance center.