GANN Information

Gigerdi Alliance News Network (GANN) was authorized by the emperors to make a news network for other races in the galaxy and to inform Gigerdians more news about the happening in the galaxy. GANN doesn't tell much happenings in Gigerdi Alliance, only major matters. GANN is controlled by the biggest news corporation in the Gigerdi Alliance, but GANN works mostly independent and sometimes isn't under control of the Gigerdian News (GN). GANN tells only the truth, not propaganda(Really!). GANN declared independence when president Rubek was in control, but returned to GN when Rubek was taken out from his office. GANN uses universal translator to translate the site for different races. That's why it can easily be read by any race, however, for this to work the browser you use must have the universal translator option installed. Gigerdian News is owned by the government.

The Translation