First Contact

Later today several GA ships made contact with unknown ships that were later identified as Lightness vessels that the Gigerdi Alliance ship Exploreison located few months ago. All contact was lost with these ships shortly after the contact and it has now been confirmed that they were all destroyed in a matter of minutes. All attempts of negotiations have gone unanswered and thus the GA has declared open war against the Lightness and thus a state of war has been declared.

We have also received reports that some other races have been attacked by this Lightness, but apparently at least T-Race has been left alone, for now. No clear confirmation about anyone else has been received, except that Humans have at least been attacked by these Lightness forces. The Federation is mobilizing and organizing its fleet currently.

The Lightness ships are equipped with technology never seen before, so it's presumed they are extremely old race, older than T-Race maybe even. Not much is known about their arsenal or technology so thus surprises are to be expected. Military recommends everyone to expect anything from the Lightness.

Some other GA fleets have also engaged Lightness ships, but with no luck. The 47th battle group managed to destroy few smaller Lightness ships and their fighters escorts, but no major victories has been declared yet. We'll give more information on the subject when it comes available.