G.A.S. Exploreison Launched

The G.A.S. Exploreison was launched later today. This ship is a new kind of exploration ship that was designed to explore the Andromeda galaxy as the wormhole leading to there was found a year ago. What also makes this ship unique is the fact that it was the first ship to be built under the name Gigerdi Alliance and to corporate the new jump drives gotten from the T-Race some time ago. The Exploreison also has the new experimental organic armor developed not long ago. For now the Strategic Command has assigned the ship to explore the Milky Way galaxy, as to why a new exploration ship specifically equipped for larger scale exploration is assigned to explore something that has already been found remains unknown. This project was near of cancellation as well and is still as many of the fleet commanders are highly unsure about this whole project.

The ship is commanded by the former ambassador Gigerdius, who has now been promoted as a captain. This has also generated rather a lot of talking as to why he was chosen. Mr. Gigerdius also worked at the same space dock that built the ship. Some bomb-incident has been reported to occure at the shipyard during the construction of the Exploreison. First officer will be Commander Erol Grillka. Her most latest notable assignment was the last battle against the Dominion. Rest of the crew will mostly consist of people graduating from the academy. This has also caused a lot of discussion as to why take academy "hotshots" as the crew of a ship as notable as the Exploreison. Some admirals have still been very confident in their capabilities.

The Exploreison will first head to the Peace Station where it'll collect the rest of the senior staff and then head for the Dominion's homeworld.