Lightness Close To Gigerdi Prime

One of the Lightness fleets attacked the Noerid system and destroyed its defenses quickly. Noerid system is only 8.41 light years away from the Gigerdi system. No ships were scrambled to there Noerid system in order to protect the Gigerdi system in case of an attack. However, Lightness forces moved away from the Gigerdi system after the attack, but the government and military are both afraid that Lightness may target Gigerdi Prime or Gigerdi 2 soon enough. Currently military is convincing people by saying that the Lightness doesn't know the location of Gigerdi Prime or Gigerdi 2, even that Lightness forces even visited Preoria system little before the attack was made to the Noerid system. Some attacks have also been made to the Preoria system's nearby systems by the Lightness.

Ipser system was attacked yesterday by Lightness forces, according to the reports the battle raged for at least 17 hours, but all Lightness forces were destroyed in the end, even with no help from the GA military forces. Ipser system was protected by large group of colonial defense forces and the now declared renegade Federation battle group Omega. GA military has yet performed no actions regarding to the violation of orders from the border and outer rim colonies. Similar insubordination has happened on several Federation border colony as well.

Some reports have also been received indicating that Gigerdian and Human ships have been seen meeting along the UFP-GA border, these ships have originated from the colonies that have shown a raise in unrest. Military assured that if this information is correct those are unauthorized meetings that are taking place there.