The Berlan Wormhole

The Berlan Wormhole is located in the Goera system. Protector Station 25 was built to protect this wormhole as it possessed enormous strategical value, especially during the Dominion war. The wormhole took from the UFP space to the almost center of Dominion space, thus provided an excellent way to move forces to the Dominion space. It was also used as a diversion point when the real attack was made on the border. The wormhole's protector station was attacked several times and the entrance to the wormhole was mined several times. The reason it's called Berlan wormhole is because Berlans first found it, several hundreds years ago even before joining the UFP. However, first UFP ship to actually enter it was only 5 years before the Dominion war. Its use had diminished after the Dominion war. It no longer has any significant use except to provide somewhat faster route from the other end of UFP space to the other.