T-Race Enters The War

We received reports that T-Race forces have finally engaged the Lightness forces and seem to have achieved good victories even. However no official confirmation on the matter has yet been received from the T-Race Federation. Morale among the military immediately raised after these news as there finally seems to be more hope in this war.

Some GA battle groups have successfully stopped Lightness attacks on some fronts, but still more and more Lightness ships are advancing to GA space. All the other races have now been attacked by these Lightness forces and it's unknown how the Lightness can have enough ships for this attack. Federation forces have managed the stop one Lightness wave that was headed for Earth, but with great losses. All other Lightness forces are still advancing. In Folan space the Folan forces have managed to stop Lightness forces on several fronts by concentrating their forces only on few locations. It's rumored that Folanus has even be left without any defenses. Hemmoian forces have also managed the eliminate several Lightness invaders in their space, some even with only minor losses.