Government: Bacterian Empire. Nothing more is known about them.

Homeworld(s): Unknown, primary homeworld in this galaxy is Bacterius.

History: Unknown.

Military: It has weakened in the past few years, because of their wars. But there's reports indicating that their military is getting stronger now.

Research And Exploration: Unknown.

People: Unknown.

Morale: Unknown.

Intelligence: Unknown.

Power: They are quite weak race, but they've grown in the past years. Their wars cost so much.

Info: Bacterians are quite old race and also perhaps a bit strange race, mostly because of their strange wars. They are as well quite aggressive, but sometimes then again quite peaceful. Bacterians are no longer as powerful as what they used to be before the Bacterian wars. They formed the Interstellar alliance few years ago.

A Bacterian
A Bacterian.