GA has now made open attacks against the IPA forces and has achieved victories on multiple fronts. The IPA fleet hasn't yet responded to the invaders as they are still mobilizing and gathering their fleets for a counter-attack. First ones have already sent multiple ships to assist the IPA in their battle against the GA and has warned the GA not to make any further attacks or they will be met with deadly force.

Folans already destroyed several GA ships today on the IPA-GA border as reinforcements didn't arrive in time. The IPA has declared that destroying any hostile vessels should be avoided and all hostile ships should be captured rather than destroyed. GA commanders have been issued order to destroy or capture any enemy vessel, now as all this is very uncontrolled it's expected that both sides will even destroy ships that are willing to surrender, if the commanding officers feel that way. That's why the IPA has feared that some of their officer might consider this as a good time for a payback time and thus is trying to control their officer, but fear that it may not work.

Federation has stated to remain neutral although they don't fully support the GA in their attack. Hemmoian Federation and Bacterian empire are supporting the GA in their attack and have already participated in several attacks.

More information on the subject comes soon.