Armed Resistance?

About five days ago, the Fleet admiral Justin Gron's battle fleet "Future Imperfect" disappeared near Omirian 5. Investigations were immediately launched to determine what had happened to the fleet, but no trace of the battle group was found, until now five days later. Just few hours ago the Fleet admiral Justin Gron announced that he has formed "the resistance", against the Section 18 and the president Dalleer. He says that the Section 18 and Dalleer are both corrupted and seek to destroy the 'real' GA. He also now asks every Gigerdian to join them and to fight against the Section 18.

Both the military and Section 18 have reacted aggressively to this statement. Justin Gron has been declared renagade and everyone found assisting his movement will be arrested and interrogated. Although the military won't be looking for the resistance members so much, they will still hunt them whenever they can. The Section 18 on the other hand will actively hunt the resistance members as they pose a clear threat against them and the GA.

The battle group "Future Imperfect" consisted of 30 starships. One of them the G.A.S. Engage, which was only recently modified as a more advanced Galaxy-class starship, including organic armor. All the plans for this new Galaxy-class disappeared and same time the Energy torpedo MkIII project was sabotaged and the prototypes were stolen.

The resistance seems to be able to use very advanced stealth technology and weaponry, which is belieaved to have come from a third-party. Some have theorized that it may be IPA, some have even suggested Lightness or Folans, but no proof to these accusations have been found.